You can not think well, love well, sleep well if you did not eat well (V.W.)

Meet the Terranova's Family

Gourmet Food is an exciting business born from the passion of a child enchanted to see her mother cooking, from the good cooking of a distant land (Sicily), from the attention of a mother to eating genuine things to their children, recently available to prepare something good to eat at home for your family.

A business that grew up, with my husband's meeting and the birth of our two kids ... a fundamental key to this business. 

We have no specialties because we are always learning, growing and renewing ... a bit like life.

We love teaching our customers about new flavors and food.

We offer a wide variety of options in our menu, all creative and artisanal. 

Our goal is to make you relax, enjoy your taste experience, pay attention to details to make your event the best. With fresh ingredients and the passion of good food, from Sicily to Boca Raton.

We introduce ourselves .....


Fabiana ... Chef 1

Hi, I'm Fabiana the boss of the kitchen.

I grew up in Sicily, my city is Palermo, beautiful city, full of history, culture and of course good food. Surrounded by wonderful food and people who have a passion for food. My grandmother prepared everything with her hands. At home, my mom is a wonderful cook. I started helping with cooking and soon I realized how much I liked it. Initially only for the family, then for family events, such as Christmas, Easter, etc. until I get to organize parties or events for other people and make it. Now I live here in Boca Raton, a wonderful city in the United States, and with my family I try to inspire love for food in others, as well as the courage to try something new! 

My dishes are inspired by the people and places I love, but also new flavors, smells and colors, but always with fresh and simple products.

12 years ago I met my amazing husband, Fabio ..... yes I know ... Fabio and Fabiana ... funny but it's true !! 

From there our family and our business have grown, with so much passion and taste for good food this company has become what it is today.


Fabio ... Chef 2

Hi everyone, I'm Fabio.

Also I grew up in Sicily, in Palermo.

I started working in restaurants at the age of 13, when there were summer vacations. 

I learned all the shapes a restaurant needs until I made my choice to cook ... because I love eating good food.

Mainly I cooked typical dishes of our land, Sicily, simple but unique in their taste. 

When I met Fabiana, my horizons widened, opened my palate to all kinds of cooking and my passion for food has increased. I like to make new flavors of taste without ever forgetting the origins of my beginning. 

Today we are a team of taste, together we decide how and what to cook and how to show it.


Lorenzo e Francesco ... the judges

Lorenzo and Francesco, our source of life.

9 years Lorenzo  and 7 years Francesco . They love playing basketball, they are excellent students and good judges.

They were born in Sicily, in Palermo. Even they love good food, even if they do not remember their city well, the places where they were born certainly did not forget the flavors of Sicily. They judge every dish we prepare for it, but they almost always love it ... and sometimes it is they who give ideas. Their favorite snack?! .. freshly made hot bread with slices of fresh tomatoes, oregano, salt and caciocavallo cheese. In our free time, beyond basketball, they love kneading, making pizza and inventing something new.

This is the Terranova Gourmet Food ... welcome to the family.